Embrace the Middle East Sponsored Child

Hussam was born on 4th April 2000 and comes from a poor Muslim family in the Silwan district.  Silwan is a mostly Arab neighbourhood adjacent to the Old City of Jerusalem.
His father works as a labourer but due to the economic and political situation in the area his wage is low and sporadic and he finds it a struggle to support his wife and eight children, he is often unemployed.  Hussam has three brothers and four sisters.  The large family share a very cramped accommodation, just two small bedrooms and a kitchenette.
Hussam is a quiet attentive boy who is progressing well at his school, the Rawdat El Zuhur which many of us visited 10 years ago.  His health is good and he enjoys sports.
The cost of sponsoring Hussam is £200 a year which includes a gift at Easter and Christmas.