Merrow Community Lunch Club


The club was founded in 1988 by members from 3 local churches (Merrow Methodist, St John's C of E and St Pius X, Roman Catholic) with input from the Social Services, Age Concern and Guildford Borough Council.
Most of our clients have been referred by a member of a statutory or voluntary agency.  Many of those coming need help with transport. 
Hosted at Merrow Methodist Church, this activity remains ecumenically and community organised and staffed. There is a small charge to the clients to cover running cost such as foodstuff and equipment, but all human resources are given free.
If you would like more information about how someone is referred to the group, or becoming a volunteer, please contact us through the church office or via our web e-mail (in contact us). Please put  ' Community Lunch Club' in the subject line of the e-mail or when leaving a phone message.