Ministers Letter

Dear Friends,

I have been in ministry for the last 14 years. I did my ministerial training in Sheffield, having been accepted by the Methodist Conference in 1996. I have served in Sheffield North East, Warrington and Leigh & Hindley Circuits. I spent seven years in Leigh & Hindley Circuit and had the pastoral charge of three churches to start with and four in my last two years. Those seven years were punctuated with challenges and fruitfulness, the impact of which I believe has helped me to grow into a better believer and a better human being

I have been married to Martha for the past 28 years and have two daughters Farah and Saima and a son Wasif. All three are in their twenties, all three are pharmacists and will be looking for new jobs in this area. Prior to coming to Britain 20 years ago I worked as a lecturer in a college in Lahore, Pakistan.

My foremost priorities in ministry are pastoral care, prayer and Bible Study. I also have a deep interest in developing relationships and working in partnership with churches of all denominations and community groups wherever possible. Knowing other faiths is also one of the areas I have an interest in, with a special interest in the Jewish faith for the reason that we share all of the Old Testament with it.

In terms of worship, I am comfortable with all styles and keen to learn and grow and broaden my experience of Christian faith and worship. I have no problems with any shade of theology either.

Watching sport on TV is one of my hobbies, time permitting. In cricketing terms, I am a big fan of Freddy Flintoff (though now retired) and Kevin Pietersen. I support Bolton Wanderers in the English Premier League, which might change with the move to Guildford. In tennis, I sincerely wish that Andy Murray will win Wimbledon and go on to become world number one.

As far as food is concerned, there is no reservation towards any food or dish. However, in consumption terms I am very economical and miserly, which one can very easily tell by looking at me!

We all feel pride in the Olympics last year. However, this reminds me and perhaps all Christians that we too are competing in a race. It is a different race though, from those run in the Olympic Games. It is a race of faithfulness to God, from the starting line to the finishing line. The believer competes, but not against the other runners. Our contest is with all the things that will distract us, slow us down and divert our eyes and focus from the ultimate goal. And at the end of the marathon of life there is the prize, the ‘crown of glory’ – not just for the winner, but for everyone who completes the course. This is the essence and uniqueness of our faith and we need to hold on to it and be proud of it.

Finally, I would like to thank you for inviting me to serve God and the community we live in, with you and alongside you. I anticipate the joy of making many new friends and am confident that as we get to know each other we will be able to journey together to the glory of God.

With every blessing in Christ Jesus

Asif Das (Minister)