This Church Council recognises that work with children and young people (hereafter known as "children") is the responsibility of the whole church community. Children are part of the church today. They have as much to give as to receive. In worship, learning, teaching and evangelism we will respect the wishes and feelings of children. this Church is committed to the welfare of children; to nurture, protect and safeguard them. To ensure that this is carried out, the Church have set up a 'Safe from Harm' Committee. This Church is, therefore, committed to supporting and resourcing those who work with children. On behalf of the Church, the Church Council has nominated Mrs G. Magill to be the child Protection Officer. This person is responsible for implementing procedures and guidelines, particularly if any kind of abuse is suspected. Mrs M. Woolcock is also available as an independent adult for children to talk to.


We undertake to identify all our 'volunteers' with care, and to support and train them. The term 'volunteer' should be taken to include any paid employee involved in children and young people's work. The Church will follow the guidelines adapted from 'Safe from Harm' in 'Safeguarding'. These are recomendations made by the Methodist Church, in order to promote the best practice, and to minimise risk to children and youth leaders from unsafe practice. A copy of these will be provided to all who work with children on behalf of the Church. The church will ensure that all new children and youth workers have obtained the appropriate disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau. Children's off-site activities and events must be authorised by the Church's 'Safe from Harm' Committee.


The Church will maintain a register of all children and youth leaders, and helpers. The Church will maintain records of Information, Permission, Health and Parental Consent forms as appropriate. In compiling these records, the Church will take full account of relevant Data Protection legislation.


The church is committed to providing a safe, warm and friendly environment for all. The Church will provide adequate insurance cover for leaders and participants.


Should any other organisation or body use our premises on a regular basis for work with children the Church will require that all adults who regularly care for, supervise or have sole charge of children have the appropriate Disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau.


This policy will be reviewed by the Church Council in accordance with any new legislation and as a minimum every thrid year. The on-going facilitation of the policy is a part of every Church Council meeting agenda. The appointments within the Church will be renewed every year, at the Spring General Church Meeting.

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